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The godfather with whom she used to live is doing a strech in jail and Alex has Start reading Dead Birds Don't Sing-Book 1 of the Alex Masters Series on your.
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Bright color juxtapositions on interlocking squares, rectangles and triangles create an effect of shifting light and shadow, in turn producing spatial ambiguity. Spirituality continued to infuse Contino's works via Hopi, Navaho and Maya symbols. In the early 80s, Contino added new motifs to his "Floaters," such as long thin lines that resembled a bridge structure influenced by di Suvero's sculptures. At this point, Contino's paintings pulled away from the norm by breaking down the barrier between geometric and surrealism. Contino believes in one god with many names and a universal flow of energy connecting all religions.

Over the years, Contino made many cross paintings that resemble mandalas, but for him the shape is ecumenical. Together, they visited the King Tut exhibition at the Met in the late 70s. Contino was especially fascinated with the throne chair and its bursting sun surrounded by rays, topped with little human hands. Not long after that came his "Checkerboard Series.

However, Contino kept his paintings far simpler. A symbol of the sun, presented in layered half circles, is often placed slightly off center on a checkerboard ground. Sending rays and waves down, it creates quadrilaterals from the interlocking triangles, circles and ovals. Lines and planes are also fundamental to Contino's work, as seen in his "Black and White Series. The transparency indicates that both positive and negative should be seen as a whole, yet viewers might end up wondering: is what you see what you see?

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Contino himself wants to see what's behind his "Floaters," hence he placed himself either above or below to investigate their spatial relationships. The paintings seem to subtly move when seen from different angles and perspectives. The hard-edged lines without his usual contrasting colors and shimmering surfaces "undermine any attempt to place them firmly in the tradition of the 's optical art. In addition, his straight lines have become even more minimal but not less emphatic. They don't represent or reflect, but facilitate his overall vision.

In the sense of line drawing, they bear a kinship to Sol Lewitt's wall paintings, though Contino's works are much smaller in size. Nonetheless, his lines expand beyond the single plane and beyond the canvas. The finished images fall between the measurable and immeasurable. Its minimal structure and complex visual effect doesn't allow our eyes to rest on any static pictorial plane, "thus," as critic Barbara Rose put it, "the painting remains continuously alive.

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Contino's early geometric works used precisely measured grids, and his later paintings and reliefs were done with systematically developed variations, all of which avoided narration and facile interpretations. Collages freed Contino creatively and emotionally, allowing him to combine magazine cut-outs, checkerboards, drawings and paintings. His magazine cutouts often involved sexy women, animals, machine parts and everyday objects, which generate not only stories, but also humor, spontaneity and sensual energy.

Collages are Contino's expressionism. As di Suvero commented, "collage expresses Contino's erotic energy. They are sometimes obscene, sometimes bizarre, but in them he let himself go. As close friends, di Suvero and Contino have inevitably inspired each other and have collaborated on a few metal sculptural pieces-Contino drew and di Suvero made them. In the early 90s, Contino made many wooden sculptures himself. Again, restricted by physical limitations and meager funds, his sculptures are all exquisite maquettes waiting to be enlarged.

Contino does not produce his work in a linear progression. He circles back and forth between different mediums. As a result, each of his series evolves slowly but adamantly. It might take Contino a few months to finish a checkerboard painting, but he does it himself, handling a saw and making his own frames.

Download PDF Dead Birds Dont Sing-Book 1 of the Alex Masters Series

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Pat McHale. Countless fans loved the eerily sweet story of two half-brothers trying to find their way home.

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